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CARM1 / PRMT4 Antibody
SKU: 13-0006
Type:  Polyclonal Host:  Rabbit Mol Wgt.:  61 kDa Appl.:  WB Format:  Serum Reactivity:  H, M, R CARM1 Antibody Description:CARM1 (Co-activator-associated...
PRMT1 Antibody
SKU: 13-0007
Type:  Polyclonal Host:  Rabbit Mol Wgt.:  44 kDa Appl.:  WB Format:  Serum Reactivity:  H, M PRMT1 Antibody Description:PRMT1 (protein arginine methyltransferase...
PRMT5 / JBP1 Antibody
SKU: 13-0008
Type:  Polyclonal Host:  Rabbit Mol Wgt.:  72 kDa Appl.:  IP, WB Format:  Serum Reactivity:  H, M PRMT5 Antibody Description:PRMT5 (protein arginine...
PRMT7 Antibody
SKU: 13-0009
Type:  Polyclonal Host:  Rabbit Mol Wgt.:  85 kDa Appl.:  WB Format:  Serum Reactivity:  H, M PRMT7 Antibody Description:PRMT7 (protein arginine methyltransferase...
SETD2 Antibody
SKU: 13-0025
Type:  Polyclonal Host:  Rabbit Mol Wgt.:  250 kDa Appl.:  WB Format:  Aff. Pur. IgG Reactivity:  H SETD2 Antibody Description: SETD2 (SET2, HYPB, HIF1, KMT3A,...