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EpiCypher is pushing the boundaries of epigenetics research, developing innovative tools to advance our understanding of chromatin biology and improve human health.

We are leveraging our breakthrough technologies to offer a range of leading-edge assay services to meet your chromatin research and drug development needs.

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Services We Offer

EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling HTS Assay Services

EpiDyne® nucleosome substrates enable direct quantification of chromatin remodeling activity, transforming the study of these important therapeutic targets. EpiDyne services combine these products with robust HTS assays to accelerate basic research and drug discovery.

Custom Nucleosome Development Services

Nucleosomes are the biological target of chromatin associated proteins and modifying enzymes, making them preferred substrates in epigenetics studies. EpiCypher provides customized nucleosome development services for a range of downstream applications.

dCypher™ Assay Services for Novel Chromatin Interactions

The binding specificity of chromatin bound proteins is crucial to understanding their function. dCypher™ services leverage our library of modified nucleosomes or histone peptides together with high-throughput platforms to interrogate novel chromatin interactions.

SNAP-ChIP® Antibody Validation Services

SNAP-ChIP® spike-ins are used to monitor antibody specificity and enrichment against defined nucleosome substrates in the context of a ChIP experiment. Our SNAP-ChIP services identify high performing antibodies for ChIP data you can trust.


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