EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling HTS Assay Services

Chromatin remodeling regulates DNA access on chromatin, thus impacting gene expression and genome repair. Many ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes are associated with human disease, but are challenging targets to study biochemically due to the requirement for nucleosome-based substrates. EpiCypher has addressed this need by developing EpiDyne® substrates, a family of highly pure recombinant nucleosomes designed to monitor chromatin remodeling activity in vitro. EpiDyne® assays enhance our understanding of chromatin remodeling mechanisms, revealing new avenues for targeted epigenetic therapy.

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Additional Information

What are the advantages of EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling HTS Assay Services?

EpiDyne assays directly measure the effects of chromatin remodeling enzymes on a physiological nucleosome substrate. This is in direct contrast to leading assays, which examine chromatin remodeling with indirect methods, and have low sensitivity. With EpiDyne assay services you will have access to:

  • Expert assay development and optimization
  • Ultra-sensitive inhibitor profiling and specificity testing
  • HTS assay optimization and miniaturization

What are the service applications?

EpiDyne assays are compatible with multiple downstream formats:

  • FRET
  • Restriction Enzyme Accessibility
  • DAM methyltransferase

Technical Notes

EpiCypher has developed robust protocols for EpiDyne chromatin remodeling assays, including methods for restriction enzyme accessibility and FRET assays.


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