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SNAP-ChIP® Antibody Validation

SNAP-ChIP® antibody validation services identify high-performance ChIP antibodies with superior specificity and enrichment, all within the context of a ChIP experiment.

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EpiDyne® Chromatin Remodeling HTS Assays

EpiDyne® enables direct detection of chromatin remodeling activity, and is ideal for HTS and inhibitor profiling. EpiDyne services accelerate assay development and generate robust results.

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dCypher™ Assay Services for Novel Chromatin Interactions

dCypher™ assay services rapidly interrogate chromatin reader binding against a collection of modified histone peptides or nucleosomes, revealing novel mechanisms in chromatin biology.

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Custom Nucleosome Development

Nucleosomes are the preferred target of chromatin interacting proteins, and are optimal substrates for epigenetics research. To address this need, EpiCypher provides custom nucleosome development.

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CUT&RUN Just Got Easier

CUT&RUN Just Got Easier

EpiCypher is leading the development of user-friendly solutions for emerging epigenomic mapping technologies. Our recently launched CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Library Pre…
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A pioneer in the field of epigenetics and chromatin biology, EpiCypher is a biotechnology company developing transformative technologies to advance chromatin science and improve human health.

EpiCypher manufactures and sells a series of products and assay platforms that use recombinant “designer” nucleosomes (dNucs), including SNAP-ChIP® for quantitative ChIP applications,
EpiDyne® for nucleosome remodeling assays, dCypher™ to interrogate epigenetic regulators, recombinant histone binding proteins and enzymes, peptides and antibodies; and a broad range of custom substrate / assay development services.

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