CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Services provide unique access to our genomic expertise, enabling diverse applications across biomedical research and drug development.


CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Assays for ultrasensitive chromatin profiling of histone PTMs and chromatin-interacting proteins, at a fraction of the time and cost of standard ChIP-seq experiments.

EpiCypher Recombinant Nucleosomes Brochure

CUT&RUN flyer highlighting the advantages of CUT&RUN over ChIP-seq

EpiCypher Recombinant Nucleosomes Brochure

CUT&Tag flyer briefly summarizes EpiCypher’s exclusive Direct-to-PCR CUT&Tag workflow

EpiCypher Recombinant Nucleosomes Brochure

Advances in Chromatin remodeling flyer explaining how the EpiDyne platform is used to directly monitor remodeling activity and can be paired with CUT&RUN to better understand remodeling enzymes

EpiCypher Company Overview Brochure

Recombinant Nucleosomes for drug discovery and epigenetics research

dCypher™ Platform reveals novel and disease-relevant chromatin interactions

CUTANA™ Antibodies for CUT&RUN and CUT&TAG assays