Custom Nucleosome Development Services

Nucleosomes are the in vivo targets of chromatin regulating proteins (i.e. readers, writers, and erasers), making them ideal biochemical substrates for drug development, and enable access to historically challenging targets. EpiCypher offers custom nucleosome development services, generating fully defined and homogeneous recombinant nucleosomes that incorporate different DNA and histone modifications, site mutations, or histone variants. We have developed a suite of robust technologies for these projects, allowing us to manufacture nucleosomes for nearly any downstream application.

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What are the advantages of EpiCypher's custom nucleosome development services?

EpiCypher is an expert in the manufacturing of highly pure recombinant nucleosomes. With custom nucleosome services, you will have access to our impressive portfolio of nucleosome assembly technologies, including recombinant designer nucleosomes (dNucs™), EpiDyne® chromatin remodeling substrates, oncogenic nucleosomes (oncoNucs), and much more. In addition, all of our nucleosomes are subject to rigorous quality control, including validation by HPLC and high resolution mass spectrometry, meaning that you can be confident in your data.

With EpiCypher custom nucleosome development services you will have access to:

  • Assay development and optimization
  • HTS assay optimization and miniaturization
  • Assembly of nucleosomes with diverse DNA and histone modifications, site mutations and histone variants

What are the service applications?

EpiCypher nucleosomes can be used for a variety of downstream experiments, such as:

  • Study effects of combinations of epigenetic marks on enzyme activity or chromatin binding
  • Examine the biological properties of understudied PTMs
  • Suitable for enzyme assays, inhibitor testing, and high-throughput screening
  • Perform protein-protein interaction studies involving the modification of interest
  • Study impact of histone mutations or DNA methylation on enzyme activity / chromatin binding

versaNuc™ custom nucleosome development

versaNuc is our pilot platform for custom nucleosome development, enabling assembly of personalized panels of nucleosomes with unique histone H3 modifications and custom DNA templates (e.g. various DNA length, sequence, and methylations). versaNuc can be used to:

  • Create custom single nucleosomes or panels of nucleosomes
  • Define unique biological properties encoded by combinations of epigenetic marks
  • Develop physiological reagents to study poorly understood epigenetic changes

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