The best histone PTM antibodies. Period.

EpiCypher takes a unique approach to validating histone post-translational modification (PTM) antibodies. Our exclusive SNAP Spike-in technology is the only method that uses physiological nucleosome controls to directly quantify antibody performance in ChIP, CUT&RUN, and CUT&Tag workflows. The resulting SNAP-Certified™ Antibodies have multiple advantages over competitors:

  • Superior target specificity and affinity
  • Robust performance in CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag
  • Improved PTM profiling from low cell numbers
  • Increased reliability through lot-specific testing

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If you can’t trust your antibody, you can’t trust your data

Work by EpiCypher and others show that over 70% of ChIP antibodies to histone PTMs have unacceptable rates of cross-reactivity and poor target affinity. These results challenge our understanding of PTM biology and demand new tools for improved chromatin mapping.

SNAP Spike-in Certification is the only method that directly quantifies histone PTM antibody specificity and binding efficiency in genomic mapping assays (see Figure).

Don’t question your results – EpiCypher offers the best PTM antibodies.

Robust validation metrics for exceptional antibodies

The only fit-for-purpose antibodies for epigenomics

Specificity is Crucial

Accurate biological interpretations from CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag assays require specific antibodies.

Standard validation methods cannot distinguish specific vs. nonspecific PTM antibodies. Even highly cited antibodies fail to meet minimal expectations for on-target profiling (see Figure).

SNAP-Certified Antibodies exhibit less than 20% cross-reactivity, ensuring reliable data with exquisite accuracy.

Efficiency Matters

Highly efficient CUT&Tag and CUT&RUN antibodies enable reliable mapping from reduced cell numbers.

However, the historical focus on PTM specificity means that most antibodies lack the efficiency required for low- or single-cell mapping.

SNAP-Certified Antibodies are validated for high efficiency and generate reproducible profiles in cell titrations (see Figure).

Interested in SNAP-ChIP Certified Antibodies?

SNAP-CUTANA™ Spike-in Controls

Defined controls for reliable CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag assays. Panel available for histone lysine methylation PTMs.

SNAP-Certified CUT&RUN Antibodies

Highly specific and efficient PTM antibodies validated in CUT&RUN workflows using SNAP-CUTANA Spike-in Controls.

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies

ChIP antibodies validated using SNAP-ChIP Spike-ins. Display best-in-class specificity and target enrichment.