SNAP-ChIP® Antibody Validation Services

EpiCypher no longer offers SNAP-ChIP Antibody Validation Services for ChIP/ChIP-seq. We apologize for any inconvenience. EpiCypher encourages ChIP-seq users to consider new high-resolution CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag chromatin mapping assays as an alternative strategy to ChIP. We have validated hundreds of antibodies in CUT&RUN and can recommend one for your target(s) of interest, or we can perform antibody screening as part of CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Services.

Why is antibody validation important?

Most antibodies used in chromatin mapping assays have poor specificity and/or binding efficiency, making antibody validation techniques essential for reliable data. In the case of histone PTM antibodies, standard histone peptide arrays fail to predict performance in ChIP (Shah et al., 2018). We developed nucleosome-based SNAP Spike-ins to enable antibody testing against physiological chromatin substrates in ChIP assays ( Small et a. 2021). Of the ~400 histone PTM antibodies screened, an alarming 70% showed unacceptable cross-reactivity and/or low efficiency ( Good antibodies do exist – and SNAP Spike-ins are critical to finding them.

In recent years, we transitioned from ChIP-seq to CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag technologies, which enable ultra-sensitive mapping at a fraction of the time, cost, and cell numbers of ChIP-seq. We adapted our SNAP Spike-in technology for CUT&RUN / CUT&Tag (SNAP-CUTANA™ Spike-ins), allowing us to identify the best antibodies for reliable chromatin profiling. As noted above, we offer antibody validation services for histone post-translational modification (PTMs), transcription factors, and other chromatin-associated proteins through our CUTANA™ CUT&RUN Services.

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