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Recent Posters

Poster Title Presented At Keywords
CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag epigenomic mapping assays for agricultural research AGBT Agriculture CUT&RUN, CUT&Tag, agriculture
Exploring Antibodies and Rationally Designed Readers for Genomic Mapping of Histone Monoubiquitin Keystone Epigenetic Mechanisms and Cancer Treatment CUT&RUN, ubiquitination, antibody specificity
Development of a high-throughput CUT&RUN platform for epigenomic mapping of rare primary immune cells Keystone Epigenetic Mechanisms and Cancer Treatment Automated CUT&RUN, sorted cells, immune cells
Epigenomic fingerprinting of limited primary cells using automated CUT&RUN AACR Blood Cancer Discovery Automated CUT&RUN, sorted cells, immune cells
Direct multi-omics for the masses: Linking DNA methylation to chromatin targets via TEM-seq AACR 2024 DNA methylation, MeCP2, multiomic analysis
Multi-epigenomic mapping with long read sequencing AACR 2024 Multiomic analysis, long read sequencing, DNA methylation
CUTANA™ CUT&Tag : Powerful Platform for Streamlined, Ultra-Sensitive Epigenomics Keystone Single-Cell Biology: Tissue Genomics, Technologies and Disease CUT&Tag, CUTAC, chromatin accessibility
Combinatorial interactions by the BPTF tandem PHD-BD show nucleosome conformation dictates the histone code EpiCypher 2023 Histone code, CUT&RUN, combinatorial histone PTMs
Development of Recombinant Reader Proteins for Epigenetic Profiling in Genomic Assays EpiCypher 2023 Reader CUT&RUN, antibody specificity, histone variants
Development of Quantitative Controls for CUT&RUN Assays U.Wisconsin Epigenetics Symposium CUT&RUN, spike-in controls, sequencing normalization
Automated CUT&RUN brings scalable epigenomic profiling to precision medicine AGBT Precision Medicine Automated CUT&RUN, DNA methylation, multiomic analysis
Nucleosome spike-in controls enable reliable next-generation epigenomic mapping AACR Cancer Epigenomics CUT&RUN, spike-in controls, sequencing normalization
dCypher™ screening of BPTF reader domains show nucleosomes, not peptides, dictate the histone code Fusion Epigenetics Histone code, CUT&RUN, combinatorial histone PTMs
Biochemical and genomic approaches for high throughput drug discovery in chromatin remodeling research AACR 2023 Chromatin remodeling, TR-FRET assays, CUT&RUN
Nucleosome-based screening in the context of epigenetic diversity enables improved methods to study histone modifications as disease biomarkers EpiCypher 2021 Histone Arginine Citrullination, Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NETs), NETosis, Autoimmune Disease
Novel nucleosome-based methods for rapid screening and identification of best-in-class antibodies: a community resource to improve genomic mapping approaches EpiCypher 2021 ChIP-seq, Antibody Specificity, Luminex Screening, Nucleosome Spike-in Controls

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