CUTANA™ DNA Purification Kit
SKU: 14-0050
CUTANA™ DNA Purification Kit Description: Cleavage Under Targets & Release Using Nuclease (CUT&RUN) utilizes an immunotethering approach to specifically release genomic fragments of interest into solution, enabling next-generation sequencing and...
SKU: 14-1048
Description The CUTANA ChIC/CUT&RUN Kit contains materials for 48 CUT&RUN samples and is designed for multi-channel pipetting to realize the increased experimental throughput...
Magnetic Separation Rack, 1.5 mL Tubes
SKU: 10-0012
Magnetic Separation Rack, 1.5 mL Tubes Description: Magnetic Separation Rack for use with up to six 1.5 mL microfuge tubes for separation of paramagnetic beads in a variety of cell-based or molecular biology applications.   ...