CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Core Reagents Bundle

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The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Core Reagents Bundle brings together the essential components of a CUT&Tag kit, offering a significant cost savings over purchasing each individual reagent. Detailed instructions for using the bundled reagents can be found in the EpiCypher CUT&Tag protocol. Included are ConA magnetic beads for immobilizing nuclei or cells, control antibodies, anti-rabbit secondary antibody, spike-in controls, pAG-Tn5 for antibody-targeted chromatin tagmentation, and PCR master mix for library amplification. The positive and negative control antibodies (H3K4me3, IgG) can be paired with the SNAP-CUTANA™ K-MetStat Panel of spike-in controls for assay optimization and reaction monitoring.

Some necessary reagents including CUT&Tag assay buffers, primers, and DNA purification beads are not included in the bundle (see Required Materials Not Supplied). For detailed buffer recipes, multiplexing primer sequences and recommended vendors, see the CUT&Tag protocol.

The EpiCypher CUT&Tag protocol is compatible with a variety of inputs, though nuclei are preferred to reduce mitochondrial background. While it is recommended to start with 100,000 cells, comparable data can be generated using as few as 1,000 cells. CUT&Tag provides robust results when profiling histone post-translational modifications (PTMs), but is not recommended for chromatin associated proteins (CAPs). The inclusion of controls, low cell tolerance, and robust PTM profiling potential make the CUT&Tag bundle the ideal choice for experienced users looking for high throughput chromatin mapping. For new users, projects mapping CAPs, or projects mapping histone PTMs where >5,000 cells / sample can be attained, check out the CUTANA™ ChIC/CUT&RUN Kit (EpiCypher 14-1048) for an all-inclusive and robust epigenomic profiling solution.

Bundle Contents

Item Pack Size CAT
pAG-Tn5 50 Reactions 15-1017
Concanavalin A Beads 50 Reactions 21-1401
SNAP-CUTANA™ K-MetStat Panel 20 Reactions 19-1002t
H3K4me3 Control Antibody 10 Reactions 13-0041t
Rabbit IgG Control Antibody 10 Reactions 13-0042t
Anti-rabbit secondary 50 Reactions 13-0047
High Fidelity 2X PCR Master Mix 50 Reactions 15-1018

Validation Data

For product-specific validation data, see the individual product pages linked above

Required Materials Not Supplied

The following reagents are not included. See our CUT&Tag protocol for more information:

  • Assay buffers
  • Multiplexing primers (requires custom oligo synthesis)
  • SPRI Beads (e.g. AMPure XP, SPRIselect)
  • 8-strip tubes & magnets
  • Qubit™ 4 Fluorometer & 1X dsDNA HS Kit
  • Agilent BioAnalyzer® or TapeStation®
  • If using a mouse primary antibody, the anti-mouse secondary antibody (EpiCypher 13-0048) must be purchased separately.

Technical Information

Storage and Stability
DO NOT FREEZE ConA BEADS. Upon receipt, remove Concanavalin A (ConA) Beads and store at 4°C. Store the remainder of the components at -20°C. Stability from date of receipt as indicated on each reagent.
Instructions for use
For additional required buffers, materials, and equipment see our CUT&Tag protocol. Use 0.5 µg per CUT&Tag reaction for each control antibody.

Additional Information

Beckman Coulter, the stylized logo, AMPure XP, and SPRIselect are trademarks or registered trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Intellectual Property

US Pat. No. 10,689,643, 11,306,307, EU Pat. No. 3,688,157, 2,999,784 and related patents and pending applications

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