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EpiCypher and tebu-bio announce European partnership to distribute industry leading epigenetic products.
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GEN article Immunoassays Become More Clinically Relevant

Biotinylated Recombinant Nucleosomes

From the company that brings you the highest quality recombinant nucleosomes, we now offer a biotinylated version.

  • Highly purified, free of contaminating DNA and free histones
  • No post-translational modifications, simplifying your assay
  • Excellent substrate for enzyme screening
  • Biotin group on DNA facilitates pull-down assays

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Let EpiCypher facilitate the characterization of histone binding proteins, antibodies and histone modifying enzymes by performing the histone modification screening and analysis experiments for you.

  • Histone peptide array screening for antibodies, enzymes and histone binding proteins
  • Peptide pull-down assays for more directed histone binding protein analysis
  • Dissociation Constant (Kd) determination using fluorescence polarization (FP)
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    Press Release:
    EpiCypher and tebu-bio announce European partnership to distribute industry leading epigenetic products. More Info

    EpiCypher and its founders in the news:
    Genetic Engineering News article Immunoassays Become More Clinically Relevant
    Genetic Engineering News article Understanding of Epigenetics Deepens

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    EpiCypher Histone Peptide Arrays Now Validated for ECL
    The best histone peptide array on the market just got better. EpiCypher's EpiGold™ Histone Peptide Arrays are the gold standard in histone peptide array, and they are now validated for use with standard ECL detection methods, giving you several options to suit your research needs. Whether you want automated data collection and analysis afforded by fluorescence scanning, or the ease and convenience of ECL detection, EpiCypher offers the only histone peptide array that gives you this flexibility.

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    Epigold Histone Peptide Array ECL Detection Epigold Histone Peptide Array Fluorescent Detection

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       Recent Product References

    EpiGold™ Histone Peptide Arrays used in:
        Gatchalian et al (2013). Cell Rep 11: 148-158
        Ali et al (2013). PNAS 110: 11296-301

    Histone Octamer, Recombinant Human used in:
        Cao et al (2013). Epigenetics 8: 477-485

    Histone H3 C-terminal Antibody used in:
        Rothbart SB et al (2013). Genes Dev 27: 1288-1298