Five Epigenetics Conferences to Consider for 2022

Park City, Utah is a short drive from Snowbird, the site of the ASMB Transcriptional Regulation Conference in 2022! (Photo by Tanner Vonnahme on Unsplash)

Scientific conferences and workshops are exciting opportunities to present and learn about novel research, and meet other researchers across academia and industry. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be monitored, particularly with the spread of the Omicron variant, effective vaccines, treatments, and tests are now more widely available. As a result, many conferences are planned to be in-person throughout 2022. However, for those that are not comfortable with traveling/attending in person or would simply prefer to attend remotely, many conferences offer a hybrid or virtual-only format.

Below are five epigenetic conferences that we are especially excited about that you should consider for your 2022 calendar. You can also find our regularly updated, complete list of 2022 epigenetics conferences here!

Epigenetic Mechanisms and the Treatment of Cancer (POSTPONED DUE TO OMICRON)

Keystone Symposium

Dates: Postponed

Location: Whistler, British Columbia

Format: Hybrid – In Person/On Demand (Note – not livestreaming)

Keynote Speaker: Cigall Kadoch

Organizers: Tony Kouzarides, Rab Prinjha, Marisa Bartolomei

This Keystone Symposium will cover basic research into the epigenetic basis of cancer, and how these findings are guiding clinical research and development of personalized medicine strategies. The conference will feature talks from academic, industry, and clinical scientists, with the goal of fostering collaboration between these different sectors. For young investigators, the organizers will host workshops and career panels, including a panel on women in science. This meeting was previously set for late February 27 – March 3, 2022, but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant. We will update once new conference dates have been announced.

Note: This Keystone Symposium is a joint meeting with "Transposable Elements at the Crossroads of Evolution, Health and Disease," which has also been postponed.

The Biological Methylation Conference: Fundamental Mechanisms in Human Health and Disease


Dates: June 19 – June 23, 2022

Location: Catania, Italy

Format: In Person

Keynote Speakers: Cheryl Arrowsmith and Steven Clarke

Organizers: Ernesto Guccione, Robert Schneider, Clare Davies, Kai Ge

Speakers will include EpiCypher CSO Michael-Christopher Keogh, PhD!

This long-running FASEB Science Research Conference highlights recent research into the biochemistry and disease relevance of biological methylation. Major topics include protein, DNA, and RNA methylation; the function of methylation in human development and disease; and the development of small-molecule inhibitors targeting enzymatic (de)methylation. In addition to conference sessions and poster presentations, there will be "Meet the Expert" sessions and career development workshops for trainees and young faculty to network and receive career advice. Registration will open in January 2022, with early registration ending May 19, 2022. FASEB is requiring all in-person conference participants to vaccinated against COVID-19.

Gene Transcription in Yeast: From Single Molecules to Phase Separation


Dates: June 25 – June 30, 2022

Location: Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Format: In Person

Organizers: Domenico Libri and Philipp Korber

Speakers will include EpiCypher CSO Michael-Christopher Keogh, PhD!

This biannual meeting rescheduled from 2020 will gather researchers using yeast to study mechanisms of gene expression. Topics will cover all aspects of gene expression from chromatin to transcription to RNA processing, and will integrate a variety of approaches including traditional biochemistry and genetics as well as single-cell technology. This particular meeting will emphasize single molecule studies and the function of liquid-liquid phase separation and intrinsically disordered proteins in cellular and nuclear processes. This conference is limited to only 130 attendees selected from abstracts. Registration dates have not yet been announced.

Transcriptional Regulation: Chromatin and RNA Polymerase II


Dates: September 29 – October 2, 2022

Location: Snowbird, Utah

Format: In Person

Keynote Speaker: Patrick Cramer

Organizers: Karen Arndt, Dylan Taatjes, and Yan Jessie Zhang

This ASBMB Conference will highlight recent research and technology development in regulation of RNA Polymerase II. Topics include the role of genetic elements such as non-coding RNAs, enhancers, and promoters, as well as other regulatory factors such as post-translational modifications and molecular condensates. Trainees are encouraged to apply and present a poster, as poster session winners will have the opportunity to present a short talk at the end of the conference. All attendees will need proof of vaccination against COVID-19, and additional requirements will be taken into consideration based on state and local guidelines.

ASBMB is also hosting the Epigenetic Regulation and Genome Stability conference in Seattle, WA across similar dates. EpiCypher plans to attend both!

Single-cell Omics: Deeper to Genomics

EMBO Practical Course

Dates: November 13 – November 18, 2022

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Format: In Person

Keynote Speaker: TBD

Organizers: TBD

EMBO Practical Courses are organized by leading scientists in their fields to communicate new ideas and provide a practical introduction into novel techniques. These meetings typically offer lectures, hands-on activities, poster sessions, group discussions, and social events. More information including a link to register will be released approximately six months in advance of the course (May 2022).

Check out our previous blog to learn more about why we are excited about single-cell genomics technologies!

Looking to plan further ahead?

EpiCypher 2023


EpiCypher’s scientific founders organize a biannual conference, which brings together leaders in academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industry to discuss cutting-edge basic science and translational research in epigenetics. Our recent 2021 conference in Clearwater, FL was a great success, and we were able to safely host five days of in-person sessions with no known transmission of COVID-19. Keep an eye out for announcements for EpiCypher 2023 and sign up for email updates below!

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