Nucleosome Assembly 601 Sequence DNA, 199 bp, Biotinylated

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Nucleosome Assembly 601 Sequence DNA, 199 bp, Biotinylated is a double-stranded DNA fragment with 26 bp linkers on either end of a 147 bp 601 Widom sequence, identified by Lowary and Widom using the SELEX method [1]. The 601 sequence DNA has high affinity for histone octamers and is useful for in vitro nucleosome assembly. There is a biotin group on the 5’ end of the fragment, which makes it ideal for use in nucleosome binding assays and pull-down experiments.

Validation Data

Figure 1: DNA Gel Data
Nucleosome Assembly 601 Sequence DNA, 199 bp, Biotinylated (100 ng) resolved via native PAGE gel and stained with ethidium bromide. Migration positions of DNA molecular weight markers are indicated.

Technical Information

50 µg lyophilized 601 sequence DNA
Storage and Stability
Stable for 2 years at -20°C from date of receipt. After resuspending, aliquots should be stored at -80°C.

Application Notes

This 199 bp biotinylated 601 sequence DNA is useful for assembly of nucleosomes with purified or recombinant histone octamers (Catalog No. 16-0001). See Luger et al. (1999) for recommended nucleosome reconstitution protocol [2]. This product also serves as a DNA only control for experiments utilizing the 199x601 nucleosome (Catalog No. 16-2044). These products are part of the Methyl DNA designer nuclesosome set.


Background References:
[1] Lowary & Widom J Mol Biol (1998). PMID: 9514715
[2] Luger et al. Methods Enzymol (1999). PMID: 10372352

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