EpiDyne® Remodeling Assay Substrate DNA ST601-GATC1, Biotinylated

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EpiDyne® Remodeling Assay Substrate DNA ST601-GATC1 is a 217 base-pair double-stranded DNA fragment containing the 601 nucleosome positioning sequence [1], which has high affinity for histone octamers and is useful for nucleosome assembly. The DNA also includes a 3’ acceptor sequence to accommodate the histone octamer subsequent to remodeling. This positive control has a DpnII restriction site within the 601 sequence. When paired with the negative control DNA (EpiCypher 18-4110) these controls illustrate the migration range for the Restriction Enzyme Assay. See the EpiDyne Nucleosome Remodeling Assay Tech Note (Restriction Enzyme Assay) for more information view our Technical Notes.

Validation Data

Figure 1: DNA Gel Data
ST601-GATC1 DNA resolved via native PAGE gel and stained with ethidium bromide to visualize DNA. Lane 1: Free DNA (100 ng). Lane 2: Free DNA incubated with 2U DpnII for 1 hr at 37°C (100 ng). Lane 3: Free DNA incubated with 2U MfeI for 1 hr at 37°C (100 ng). Migration patterns of DNA molecular weight markers are indicated.

Technical Information

50 µg lyophilized ST601-GATC1 DNA.
Storage and Stability
Stable for six 2 years at -20°C from date of receipt. After resuspending, aliquots should be stored at -80°C.

Application Notes

ST601-GATC1 DNA is useful as a positive control for restriction enzyme accessibility nucleosome remodeling assays using the Biotinylated EpiDyne Remodeling Assay Substrate, as a DpnII (GATC in red) restriction enzyme site are present within the 601 sequence. The naturally occurring MfeI restriction site (AATTGG in bold) remains present as well.

DNA Sequence



Background References:
[1] Lowary & Widom J. Mol. Biol. (1998). PMID: 9514715

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