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Antibody selection is the single most important decision a researcher must make when designing a ChIP experiment, but rigorous antibody validation is costly and time-consuming. At EpiCypher, we recognize this challenge and have embarked on a massive effort to analyze and identify the highest performing ChIP antibodies.

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies are tested using EpiCypher's proprietary SNAP-ChIP® spike-in technology, providing robust in-application antibody validation against a defined nucleosome substrate. This rigorous testing ensures reliable performance when it counts in your ChIP experiment.

  • Low cross-reactivity
  • High IP efficiency
  • Extensive lot-testing
  • New antibodies added regularly

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Antibody specificity and efficiency is essential in ChIP studies. Check out our video summarizing our systematic evaluation of H3K4 methyl antibodies published in Molecular Cell (2018) .

How do SNAP-ChIP® Spike-in Controls work?

SNAP-ChIP spike-ins are pools of DNA-barcoded recombinant nucleosomes that are added directly into a ChIP experiment to assess antibody specificity and efficiency.

The spike-ins are added to a standard ChIP workflow prior to IP. Recovery of PTM-specific DNA barcodes is determined by qPCR or next-generation sequencing, revealing off-target interactions and enrichment (vs. spiked input chromatin).

What Makes An Antibody SNAP-ChIP® Certified?

SNAP-ChIP: The only platform that uses nucleosomes to identify best-in-class ChIP antibodies

Antibody Specificity

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies are tested for specificity (i.e. cross-reactivity; left y-axis) and enrichment (i.e. recovery, efficiency; right y-axis), SNAP-ChIP Certified Antibodies exhibit less than 20% cross-reactivity to related PTMs (blue bars) and recover at least 5% of the target PTM from input chromatin (green bar).

Antibodies that fail to meet these criteria (see "fail" graph) are not suitable for ChIP-seq and should be used with extreme caution as they may lead to incorrect biological interpretations.

Why is the nucleosome context important?

Using SNAP-ChIP spike-in controls, we have found:

  • Commonly used histone PTM peptide arrays do not predict antibody performance in ChIP (Shah et al. Mol. Cel 2018).
  • Many highly cited antibodies cross-react with related marks, leading to incorrect biological interpretations ( Shah et al. 2018 and Lam et al. 2019).
  • Antibody specificity can vary significantly between production lots (see our blog).

Interested in SNAP-ChIP Certified Antibodies?

SNAP-ChIP® Spike-In Control Panel

Defined controls for superior ChIP. We offer panels for a variety of histone PTMs, including lysine methylation and acylation.

SNAP-ChIP® Certified Antibodies

These antibodies have been validated using SNAP-ChIP spike-ins and have best-in-class specificity and target enrichment.

SNAP-ChIP® Validation Service

Let the experts help! With SNAP-ChIP Validation Services, EpiCypher will help find the best antibody for your ChIP-seq studies.