CUTANA™ Concanavalin A Conjugated Paramagnetic Beads

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Available in 50 and 250 Reaction pack sizes. This product contains Concanavalin A (ConA) conjugated to paramagnetic microspheres. ConA is a lectin (carbohydrate-binding protein) that binds specifically to mannosyl- and glucosyl-containing extracellular glycoproteins. The ConA magnetic beads are therefore useful to immobilize cells or nuclei presenting these glycans in their extracellular matrices.

Validation Data

Figure 1:
CUT&RUN data was generated using EpiCypher CUTANA™ Concanavalin A-Conjugated Paramagnetic Beads (10 µL) with 500,000 K562 cells and H3K4me3 antibody (EpiCypher Catalog No. 13-0041, 1:100 dilution). Shown is a heatmap for H3K4me3 CUT&RUN signal (from 3.9 million paired-end reads) aligned to the transcription start site (TSS, +/- 2kb) of 18,793 genes. High and low signal are ranked by intensity (top to bottom) and reflected by red and blue colors, respectively.

Figure 2:
H3K4me3 CUT&RUN data was generated as described above. Four representative loci are shown in the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV, Broad Institute). Window size is denoted at the top of each panel.

Technical Information

Concanavalin A conjugated to 1 µm paramagnetic microspheres in 10mM PBS with 0.1% sodium azide.
Storage and Stability
Stable for six months at 4°C from date of receipt. DO NOT FREEZE!

Application Notes

*Note: It is recommended to use 10 µL slurry per sample (500,000 cells or less) for ChIC/CUT&RUN. Compatible with the EpiCypher Magnetic Separation Rack (Catalog Nos. 10-0008 & 10-0012).

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