Have CUT&RUN questions? Introducing our Tech Support Center

In the ever-evolving landscape of molecular biology, the quest to unravel the intricacies of the genome continues to drive scientific discovery. One of the most promising techniques in this endeavor is CUT&RUN (Cleavage Under Targets & Release Using Nuclease), a revolutionary method for investigating protein-DNA interactions and chromatin structure. EpiCypher is at the forefront of CUT&RUN technology development, leading to CUTANA™ CUT&RUN and Library Prep Kits, antibodies, and much more.

As with any innovative technology, researchers often face technical challenges along the way. EpiCypher regularly supports customers needing help with CUT&RUN protocol optimization for new cell types, troubleshooting low yields, and finding the best antibody for a chromatin target, among other concerns. Our scientists spent years developing reliable CUT&RUN workflows and are well-equipped to answer these questions, but have lacked a user-friendly platform for sharing this knowledge.

Enter the solution: Our brand-new Tech Support Center, with everything you need to know about CUT&RUN in an easy-to-search, on-demand format. Answers are now available any time of day, across all time zones, improving access to all things CUT&RUN.

We plan to expand the Tech Support Center to our other chromatin research technologies, including CUT&Tag and SNAP Spike-in controls. In this blog, we will explore CUT&RUN resources offered by the Tech Support Center and how this information can help elevate your chromatin mapping experiments.

All the info you need to start CUT&RUN

Welcome to the future of CUT&RUN support! For those new to CUT&RUN, our Tech Support Center has you covered. Resources include:

For additional resources, you can also check out our CUTANA CUT&RUN and Library Prep Kits, which provide and end-to-end workflow for high-quality chromatin profiling.

Figure 1: EpiCypher’s Video library contains informational videos about CUT&RUN.

Expert CUT&RUN help when you need it

As shown in Figure 2, the Tech Support Center allows you to easily search for guidance on the most common concerns and questions in CUT&RUN. FAQs include:

In an era of groundbreaking molecular biology techniques, our Online Tech Support Center for CUT&RUN is here to accelerate your chromatin mapping experiments. With our expert guidance and extensive resources, you'll be better equipped to uncover the mysteries of the genome and drive scientific discovery to new horizons.

Figure 2: Search the Tech Support Center for key information about CUT&RUN, including sample prep variations.

The future of EpiCypher Tech Support

CUTANA CUT&RUN is the first platform we have on the support.epicypher.com website, but it is far from the last. EpiCypher plans to expand Tech Support resources to include expert guidance on:

We are excited to bring this new resource to the chromatin field. Together, we'll push the boundaries of knowledge and make transformative discoveries in molecular biology.

If there is a particular topic you would like to see on our Tech Support Center, let us know by filling out the form below.