Five Epigenetics Conferences for your 2021 Calendar

Scientific workshops and conferences provide an incredible platform for scientists to share their latest work, stay up to date on breaking research developments, and expand their networks. While the 2020 conference year looked different than anticipated in the face of a pandemic, we’ve seen great efforts by organizers and attendees to adapt to virtual formats. As we look towards scientific meetings for 2021, we will continue to embrace this new virtual format as necessary, though we are hopeful and eager to safely resume in-person meetings later into the year. Below are five noteworthy epigenetics conferences and workshops to consider for your 2021 calendar. The status of these conferences (virtual/in-person) will be updated here based on the most recent information available. Click here to see our complete list of epigenetics conferences in 2021.

Last updated: 04/24/2021

Precision Engineering of the Genome, Epigenome, and Transcriptome

Keystone Symposia
March 8-10, 2021

This Keystone eSymposia will showcase research in genome, epigenome, and transcriptome precision engineering, covering the development of new tools and their clinical applications. Topics will include high-throughput screening, synthetic biology, chromatin and RNA imaging and diagnostics, and single cell applications. This virtual event will include live Q&As, discussion forums, virtual posters, and career sessions. The abstract deadline is February 2 for talks and February 25 for posters.

Chromatin and Epigenetics

May 17-20, 2021

Keynote speaker: Wolf Reik
Organizers: Asifa Akhtar, Geneviève Almouzni, Nicola Iovino, Cigall Kadoch

This EMBL conference will cover a variety of topics in chromatin and epigenetics, including developmental epigenetics, chromatin regulation, nucleosome structure and function, and epigenetic defects and diseases. The virtual format will include live talks, Q&As, “meet the speaker” sessions, posters sessions, and career events. Submit an abstract by March 15, 2021 and register by April 19, 2021.

Gene transcription in yeast: From single molecules to phase separation

CNRS Workshop Conference
Postponed to 2022
Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Speakers include EpiCypher’s CSO Michael Keogh
Organizers: Domenico Libri, Philipp Korber

This biannual meeting series highlights the application of yeast to study mechanisms for gene expression, bringing together the community of researchers who are pioneering advances with this model system. Topics will cover all steps in gene expression from chromatin to transcription to RNA processing and integrate different approaches including single-cell technologies. This year’s meeting will include a special focus on single molecule studies and new technologies enabling study of cellular compartmentalization. This conference is limited to only 130 attendees selected from abstracts.

Physiology and function of histone variants

September 22-24, 2021
Hybrid: Virtual and Badalona, Spain

Keynote speaker: Nada Jabado
Organizers: Marcus Buschbeck, Emily Bernstein

This EMBO workshop will focus on the latest molecular insights into the regulation of histone variants and how they execute their epigenetic function. Abstract submission and registration must be completed by June 27, 2021.

Biological and Clinical Frontiers in Epigenetics

November 7-12, 2021
Clearwater Beach, FL

Keynote speakers: Kristian Helin, Steven Henikoff
Organizers: Mark Bedford, Or Gozani, Brian Strahl

EpiCypher is excited to host this biannual conference organized by our scientific founders. This engaging meeting will bring together researchers and leaders from academia and industry to discuss cutting-edge epigenetics research. A broad range of topics in epigenetics and chromatin biology will be covered, from elucidation of novel mechanisms and tools to therapeutic efforts, over five days at a beautiful beachfront resort in Clearwater Beach, FL.