Start End Organizer Name Location
03/17/19 03/21/19 Keystone Epigenetics and Human Disease Banff, CA
03/17/19 03/21/19 Keystone 3D Genome: Gene Regulation and Disease Banff, CA
03/29/19 04/03/19 AACR AACR 2019 Atlanta, GA
04/07/19 04/12/19 GRC How Alterations in DNA Sequence and Chromatin Modifications Impact Cancer Etiology and Therapy Lucca, IT
04/25/19 04/25/19 The Wistar Institute Epigenetics in Cancer Scientific Symposium 2019 Philadelphia, PA
05/01/19 05/04/19 EMBO Chromatin and Epigenetics, EMBO Workshop Heidelberg, DE
06/04/19 06/07/19 Institut Pasteur François Jacob Conference: Evolution, Structure and Function of Chromosomes High Order Structure Paris, FR
06/12/19 06/14/19 Northwestern U., Nature Genetics Chicago Science 2019: Epigenetics and Gene Editing Chicago, US
06/23/19 06/26/19 EACR 4th EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics Cambridge, UK
06/23/19 06/28/19 GRC Genetic, Molecular and Physical Views of Genomes and Their Organizational Principles Newry, ME, US
07/20/19 07/21/19 GRC Dynamics of Epigenetic Regulation: Mechanisms and Beyond Holderness, NH, US
07/30/19 08/02/19 Penn State The 38th Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology: Chromatin & Epigenetic Regulation of Transcription State College, PA US
08/04/19 08/09/19 GRC The Eukaryotic Genome in 4 Dimensions: Integrative Approaches to Bridging Genotype and Phenotype Hong Kong, CN
08/04/19 08/09/19 FASEB The Reversible Protein Acetylation in Health and Disease Conference Lisbon, PT
08/20/19 08/24/19 CSHL Eukaryotic mRNA Processing CSHL, US
08/26/19 08/28/19 ETHZ Epigenetic Inheritance: Impact for Biology and Society Zurich, CH
08/27/19 08/31/19 CSHL Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription CSHL, US
09/03/19 09/07/19 CSHL Eukaryotic DNA Replication & Genome Maintenance CSHL, US
09/12/19 09/14/19 Society for Biological Engineering 3rd Epigenetics and Bioengineering Conference (EpiBio 2019) Barcelona, ES
10/06/19 10/10/19 EMBO 1st Histone Chaperopnes Workshop Crete, GR
10/15/19 10/19/19 ASHG ASHG 2019 Houston, TX
11/17/19 11/20/19 CEEHRC Canadian Conference on Epigenetics + International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) Banff, CA
11/20/19 11/23/19 EMBO Metabolism Meets Epigenetics Heidelberg, DE
12/7/19 12/10/19 ASH 61st ASH Hematology Annual Meeting Orlando, FL