EpiCypher's Latest Product Brochures


CUTANA brochure highlighting EpiCypher's first-to-market products for ChIC / CUT&RUN / CUT&Tag ultra-sensitive genomic mapping

EpiCypher Company Overview Brochure

Company Overview brochure highlighting EpiCypher's products and services for epigenetic drug discovery

EpiCypher SNAP-ChIP Brochure

SNAP-ChIP™ Spike-In Controls for ChIP / ChIP-seq sample normalization and antibody specificity profiling

EpiCypher Recombinant Nucleosomes Brochure

Recombinant Nucleosomes for drug discovery and epigenetics research

EpiCypher EpiDyne FRET Nucleosome Remodeling Brochure

EpiDyne™ FRET chromatin remodeling substrate

dCypher assay services for novel chromatin interactions

dCypher™ Products and services to discover novel chromatin binding interactions