<div class="snap-chik-content"> <p> Chromodomains recognize methylated lysine residues on histone proteins. Although methyl-lysine PTMs have various functions, chromodomains typically bind to repressive PTMs (H3K27me3, H3K9me3), and act to recruit protein complexes and / or modifying enzymes to regions of heterochromatin. EpiCypher® offers a suite of GST-tagged recombinant chromodomains, useful for determining substrate recognition and for use in methyl-lysine binding experiments.</p> <div class="custom-btns-block"> <a href="https://www.epicypher.com/recombinant-proteins/histone-binding-domains/chromodomain-proteins/#chromodms" class="button snap-chip-custom-btn">Shop Chromodomain Proteins</a> </div> <p></p> <h5>Learn more:</h5> <ul> <li>Why use nucleosomes?<a href="/blog/peptide-or-nucleosome-dcypher-reveals-the-optimal-substrate-for-histone-ptm-analyses/"> Read about it on our Blog!</a></li> <li>Interested in screening chromatin reader binding specificity?<a href="/content/documents/brochures/EpiCypher_dCypher.pdf/"> Check out our dCypher® platform!</a></li> </ul> <h5>Shop related products and services:</h5> <ul class="category-nav-list"> <li><a href="/recombinant-proteins/histone-binding-domains/">All Histone Binding Domains</a></li> <li><a href="/dcypher-assay-services-for-novel-chromatin-interactions/">dCypher® Screening Services</a></li> </ul> <a name="chromodms"></a>

HP1ß, Recombinant Human, His-Tagged
SKU: 15-0074
Type:  ChromodomainHost:  E. coliMol Wgt.:  24.4 kDaEpitope Tag:  6xHis HP1ß, Recombinant Human, His-Tagged Description: Recombinant human HP1ß (CBX1 M31, Heterochromatin protein 1 beta, accession number...
HP1β Chromodomain, Recombinant Human
SKU: 15-0058
Type:  Chromodomain Host:  E. coli Mol Wgt.:  49 kDa Epitope Tag:  GST HP1β Chromodomain, Recombinant Human Description: Recombinant human HP1β (CBX1, M31, Heterochromatin protein 1 beta,...