PRMT1 Antibody

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Type:  Polyclonal Host:  Rabbit
Mol Wgt.:  44 kDa Appl.:  WB
Format:  Serum Reactivity:  H, M

PRMT1 Antibody Description:

PRMT1 (protein arginine methyltransferase 1, HMT2, HRMT1L2, IR1B4, accession Q99873) is a type I argininine methyltransferase, an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of monomethylarginine and asymmetric dimethylarginine. PRMT1 is responsible for the majority of arginine methylation in mammals, and its substrates include histones (H4R3), RNA-binding proteins (FUS, HNRNPA1) and DNA damage signaling pathway proteins (MRE11).

PRMT1 Antibody Immunogen:

Synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 298-318 of human PRMT1, conjugated to KLH.

PRMT1 Antibody Formulation:

Rabbit serum with 30% glycerol and 0.035% sodium azide.

PRMT1 Antibody Storage and Stability:

Stable for 2 years at -20°C from date of receipt.

PRMT1 Antibody Application Notes:

PRMT1 antibody is useful for Western blotting (1:500 - 1:2,000 dilution).

PRMT1 Antibody References:

CÌ«te J et al (2003). Mol Biol Cell 14: 274-287 Link
Yu Z et al (2009). Mol Cell Biol 29: 2982-2996. Link

Tradewell ML et al (2012) Hum Mol Genet 21: 136-149. Link
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13-0007 Western Blot Data

Western Blot Data: Western blot using PRMT1 Antibody (1:500 dilution) on mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) whole cell extract derived from cells with (+/+) or without (-/-) the PRMT1 gene. The band corresponding to the PRMT1 protein (indicated by an arrow) is absent in the PRMT1 null cells. The relative migration positions and molecular weights of protein size standards are indicated, as well as a Western blot recognizing the β-actin protein, a loading control.
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