"Unpacking the Epigenetics of Cancer", Featuring EpiCypher Founder
Genetics Engineering News
September 1 2015
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EpiCypher Founder discusses EpiTitan: a groundbreaking antibody validation tool
UNC Healthcare via Medical Express
July 23 2015
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Blackstone Entrepreneur Network and EpiCypher collaborate
Blackstone Entrepreneur's Network
June 23 2015
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Epigenetic Breakthrough: A First of it's Kind Tool to Study the Histone Code
Lab Manager Magazine
February 12 2015
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EpiCypher Readying Lysine Methylation Array for Launch
October 15 2014
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Life sciences startup moves to Chapel Hill
June 1 2014
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Immunoassays Become More Clinically Relevant
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
December 1 2013
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A Brief History of Epigenetics

*Courtesy of Genetic Engineering News