Histone H3 Peptides, Biotinylated

EpiCypher offers the largest selection of biotinylated histone peptides for use in variety of binding, pull-down and enzymatic assays. Peptides are available representing all four core histones (H2A, H2B, H3, H4) and several variants including H2AX, with over 70 modifications represented. These are the same highly characterized peptides as on our EpiGold™ Histone Peptide Arrays.

For peptides not listed on website: Please review the complete peptide list and inquire about them. They can be made available in roughly one week. Bulk quantities are also available.

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Histone H3 aa21-44 Peptide, Biotinylated
Histone H3.1 aa21-44 Peptide Description: A synthetic peptide derived from human histone H3.1, amino acids 21-44, with an added glycine and lysine residue containing a biotin moiety at the epsilon-amino group.. Formulation: 50 µg of...