Histone Peptides, Biotinylated

EpiCypher offers the largest selection of biotinylated histone peptides for use in variety of binding, pull-down and enzymatic assays. Peptides are available representing all four core histones (H2A, H2B, H3, H4) and several variants including H2AX, with over 95 modifications represented. These are the same highly characterized peptides as on our EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Arrays.

EpiCypher histone peptides are:

  • Highly purified and guaranteed to be full-length
  • Represent over 95 modifications
  • Include single or multiuple modifications, up to eight per peptide
  • Validated by mass spec for identity and HPLC for purity
  • Useful for the study of proteins that interact with histones and histone modifications
  • Capable of being used as substrates in enzymatic assays
  • Manufactured and QC'd in-house

For peptides not listed as products on website: Please review the complete peptide list and inquire about them. If available, they can be packed in roughly one week. Bulk quantities are also available.

We also offer custom peptide synthesis services at competitive prices.

References: EpiCypher peptides used in Moore, et al (2013)

Peptide pulldown assay protocol

Histone Peptide Categories

     Histone H2A/H2AX Peptides

     Histone H3 Peptides

     Histone H4 Peptides

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