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Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation (CUT&Tag) assays use a fusion of protein A, protein G, and Tn5 (pAG-Tn5) to selectively target antibody-labelled chromatin for high-resolution sequencing analysis. These innovations enable low-cost mapping from small numbers of cells – poising CUT&Tag to enable epigenomic studies of unprecedented breadth and scale.

EpiCypher is a leading provider of user-friendly CUT&Tag reagents and workflows. The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Kit is the result of our rigorous optimization efforts and has been intentionally designed for rapid throughput and accessible pricing. Advantages include:

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  • Streamlined two-day protocol with no library prep
  • Exclusive single-tube workflow maximizes yield
  • Reliable profiling using low cell numbers
  • Dramatically reduced assay costs
  • Comprehensive kit goes from cells to sequence-ready DNA

Robust signal in active and repressed chromatin


CUTANA™ CUT&Tag maps histone PTMs at active regulatory elements (H3K4me1) and promoters (H3K4me3), constitutive (H3K9me3) and facultative (H3K27me3) heterochromatin and active gene bodies (H3K36me2/me3) in K562 cells. CUT&Tag is not recommended for chromatin-associated proteins.

High-quality chromatin mapping from low cell numbers

The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag protocol generates data with high signal over background using as few as 10,000 cells and only 5-8 million sequencing reads.

These advances are driven by EpiCypher’s one-tube CUT&Tag workflow, which minimizes sample loss and increases throughput. Combined with low sequencing depth requirements, our kit provides substantial cost savings vs. ChIP-seq.

Reliable workflow supported by robust controls

EpiCypher scientists have developed a user-friendly protocol that is highly consistent across assay replicates. The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Kit comes with all the controls and guidance you need for successful experiments:

  • Control antibodies
  • Nucleosome spike-in controls
  • Detailed quality control metrics
  • Troubleshooting tips

Compatible with diverse sample processing conditions

The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Kit was used to map H3K4me3 in native (unfixed) nuclei, native cells, and lightly cross-linked nuclei, using protocol adaptations outlined in the manual. Results are consistent across sample preparations, expanding the application of CUT&Tag to additional sample types and targets.

Fast-track your chromatin profiling:

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CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Kit – A Look Inside the Box!

Everything you need for high-quality chromatin mapping


The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Kit Manual

The CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Manual is a complete guide to CUT&Tag experiments. It leverages EpiCypher’s own research & development to help users plan and execute successful CUT&Tag assays. In addition to our user-friendly protocol, we provide key guidance on:

  • Optimizing assays for new cell types, targets, or low cell numbers
  • How to identify suitable antibodies for CUT&Tag
  • Quality control metrics for before and after sequencing
  • Selecting an appropriate sequencing platform
  • Troubleshooting difficult assays
  • and much more!

The kit also comes with a two-sided protocol quick card to keep at your bench while performing CUT&Tag assays.

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