You will be challenged. You will be inspired. And you will be proud. Because whatever your job is here, you will be improving human health.

What We Believe

Understanding disease enables advancements to improve and extend human life. In this mission, EpiCypher seeks to attract people and partners who share our core values: excellence, quality, customer success, scientific advancement, effective communication, integrity, and teamwork.


We realize that to build this vision, EpiCypher must be a leader in the field. We expect innovation from every corner of our company, and we are committed to innovation in every facet of our work. Each of us works to get results by employing or pioneering cutting-edge, operationally effective techniques to realize our vision. We know that every detail matters. We are committed to successfully delivering on our goals, so that our teammates can deliver theirs. Everyone is committed to our mutual success.


When faced with a setback, we find a way to prevail - every time. Our company depends on each and every person and their demonstration of our shared values, their ability to deliver, and their proficiency to communicate effectively. If you hold these beliefs in high regard, we invite you to share our vision: To lead the epigenetics field in the development of leading biotechnology products to improve and extend human life.

Why EpiCypher

What we do may be new to you, in the markets and scientific field and in the way we are growing our company, but we are here for simple, straightforward reasons: Innovation, Respect, and People.

Innovation We joined EpiCypher because we want to be trailblazers – the group that takes innovation to a whole new level. We aim to address some of the most daunting diseases affecting human health, as well as develop new tools and products to bring new understanding to the field of epigenetics.

Respect The work we do is both exciting and challenging. You will be respected for your contribution as an essential member of the team, and you will be surrounded by those who continue to earn the respect of their peers. Together, we will extend the reputation for excellence that has come to be expected from EpiCypher. When in synchronicity, our work is best accomplished with respect for our teammates, respect for the challenges we face, and respect for the precision and thoroughness required to succeed.


With EpiCypher, your unique abilities put you in an excellent position to seize opportunities and address exciting scientific & business problems. You will work with some of the most brilliant scientists and technology specialists in the world. Yet, on this team, everyone's work and ideas are valued and needed.

We're also serious about having fun. We take the time to enjoy the life we help improve. No matter what your function, background, or job level, you are a part of the team at EpiCypher. We're all in it together. And together, we achieve so much more.

Joining the EpiCypher community establishes relationships that raise your potential for personal and professional growth in many meaningful ways.

Realize your potential with EpiCypher. You'll be amazed at what you can do.

Academic Programs

Principal Investigator Collaborations

EpiCypher has an active and vibrant program working with leading researchers to bring to market next generation products, research and other advancements. In select situations, EpiCypher provides grant funding to leading academic PIs and their laboratories.

Post-doc Programs EpiCypher seeks out post-doc researchers to meet the needs of our business; please search our job openings for a opportunity that is of interest. Additionally, EpiCypher has a two-year post-doc fellowship that can be established with a North Carolina-based university for a two year fellowship at EpiCypher. In conjunction with the NC Biotech Center and Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science at North Carolina State University, EpiCypher supports this collaborative funding opportunity for a post-doctoral fellow or technician in a university lab to conduct research on a project of commercial interest to EpiCypher. The goal of the program is to leverage the university-company partnership to advance the company’s technology toward the marketplace. More information can be found here. To initiate a discussion around this opportunity, please contact us at

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