EpiCypher provides application-specific validation services for histone PTM-specific antibodies. Antibodies can be validated in either histone or nucleosomal context, depending on end-users needs. SNAP-ChIP pioneers the use of DNA barcoded recombinant designer nucleosomes (dNucs) as next-generation spike-ins for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).

Ensure your research is not compromised by 'off-target' signal due to antibody cross-reactivity

Multiple platforms available
  • SNAP-ChIP: First-in-class specificity testing for ChIP assays
  • AlphaLISA / AlphaScreen: For high-throughput biochemical and cell-based assays
  • ELISA: For biochemical or cell-based assays

SNAP-ChIP K-MetStat Brochure LINK

SNAP-ChIP K-MetStat Manual LINK

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