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Chromatin structure and its chemical modifications regulate the ubiquitin ligase substrate selectivity of UHRF1. Robert M. Vaughan, Bradley M. Dickson, Matthew F. Whelihan, Andrea L. Johnstone, Evan M. Cornett, Marcus A. Cheek, Christine A. Ausherman, Martis W. Cowles, Zu-Wen Sun, Scott B. Rothbart. Aug 2018. PNAS

ABSTRACT: DNA methylation and histone posttranslational modifications are key epigenetic marks that contribute to the fine-tuned regulation of gene expression and other chromatin-templated biological processes. Here, we build artificial chromatin templates and reveal key chromatin structural features and epigenetic marks that coordinately regulate the binding and enzymatic activity of the DNA methylation regulator UHRF1. Studying activities of epigenetic regulators in the context of defined chromatin templates, particularly for multidomain histone and DNA binding proteins such as UHRF1, is critical for understanding molecular mechanisms of epigenetic crosstalk and mechanics regulating epigenetic signaling, and for determining how epigenetic dysregulation contributes to human disease.

Scientific Publications from our Founders and Employees


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