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Recombinant and Purified Nucleosomes

EpiCypher offers highly validated modified "designer" recombinant nucleosomes (dNucs), unmodified recombinant human nucleosomes, purified HeLa nucleosomes, Chicken nucleosomes and recombinant human nucleosome subunits (dimers, tetramers, octamers, DNA). These are ideal substrates for enzyme screening assays. The biotinylated nucleosomes are especially useful in nucleosome binding "pull down" assays.

Announcing EpiDyne™ Nucleosome Remodeling Substrates
Defined nucleosome substrates for chromatin remodeling studies
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Designer modified recombinant nucleosomes (dNucs™)
Recombinant nucleosomes with specific post-translational histone modifications
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Nucleosome Product Categories

EpiDyne™ Nucleosome Remodeling Substrates   NEW!
Modified Recombinant Nucleosomes (dNucs)
Recombinant Nucleosomes
Recombinant Histone Variant Nucleosomes
Nucleosome Components and Subunits
Purified Nucleosomes (HeLa, chicken)

Complete Nucleosome Product List