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Epigenetics Services

Epigenetics Services

EpiCypher offers a variety of services to assist you in your epigenetics and chromatin biology research, including histone peptide array screening, peptide pull-down, fluorescence polarization to analyze protein interactions and peptide synthesis.

Histone Modification Interaction Screening and Analysis Services

Histone modifications are important regulators of cell function and genome activity. There are hundreds of histone binding proteins that recognize specific histone modifications and mediate important downstream effects. Antibodies that recognize histone modifications are important tools in chromatin and epigenetics research. Histone modifying enzymes are important in human disease states and targets for therapeutic intervention. EpiCypher can facilitate the characterization of these proteins and antibodies by performing the histone modification screening experiments for you, including histone peptide array screening, enzyme substrate identification and protein binding constant determination. Put our expertise and experience screening histone modifications to work for you. For more information contact us at

Histone Peptide Array Screening

EpiCypher’s new EpiTitan™ Histone Peptide Arrays are the best arrays available on the market. Each peptide on the array is synthesized, HPLC purified and verified by mass spectrometry prior to spotting. This significantly reduces false-negatives and false-positives, thereby reducing time and cost of experiments. 

  • Analyze the specificity of histone binding "effector" proteins
  • Examine the specificity of histone modification antibodies
  • Determine the substrate specificity of histone-modifying enzymes

Epigold Histone Peptide Microarray Workflow

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Histone Peptide Pull-down Services

For some histone binding proteins, histone peptide pull-downs are a more straightforward approach to identify proteins that interact with histone modifications. EpiCypher offers a comprehensive solution for protein-peptide interactions and employ a proprietary protocol that maximizes sensitivity while lowering non-specific background. In brief, your protein is mixed with one of our hundreds of high quality histone peptides and the protein bound to the peptide is analyzed by Western blotting.

  • Peptide pull-downs are extremely sensitive
  • Identification of interactions not detectable using other techniques
  • Includes positive control protein to your modification

Histone Peptide Pulldown Schematic Click Image to Enlarge

Fluorescence Polarization Determination of Dissociation Constant (Kd)

Fluorescence Polarization (FP) is a technique based on the principle of fluorescence anisotropy. Light emitted from a fluorescent molecule (in this case a fluorescently-labeled histone peptide) will be less polarized compared to when bound by a larger molecule, such as a histone binding protein. This difference can be measured and used to calculate the dissociation constant of your protein for a specific modification.

  • Quantitative and reproducible
  • Does not require large amounts of protein
  • Identify Kd for proteins or antibodies

Fluorescence Polarization Schematic Click Image to Enlarge

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