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Epigenetics and Chromatin Meetings List
EpiCypher announces Sam Tetlow as CEO and relocation to North Carolina.

EpiCypher announces grant program for epigenetics research.
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GEN article Immunoassays Become More Clinically Relevant
Start End Organizer Conference Name Location
7/6/14 7/11/14 FASEB Biological Methylation: Reg. of Chromatin, Epigenetics, & Disease Nassau, BS
7/13/14 7/16/14 Cell Press Transcriptional Regulation in Development Chicago, US
7/27/14 7/24/14 Hanson Wade EpiCongress Boston Boston, US
8/21/14 8/21/14 SGC Histone Methyltransferases: Structrure, Mechanism & Inhibition Toronto, CA
8/23/14 8/26/14 EMBL Transcription and Chromatin Heidelberg, DE
9/9/14 9/13/14 CSHL Epigenetics and Chromatin CSHL, US
9/23/14 9/23/14 MiChroNet EPIGEN-MiChroNetwork Chromatin Seminar Milan, IT
10/04/14 10/8/14 ASBMB Transcrip. Reg.: Chromatin & RNA Pol II Snowmass, US
10/14/14 10/15/14 Abcam Chromatin & Epigenetics: Omics to Single Cells Strasbourg, FR
11/14/14 11/15/14 Univ. of Miami Epigenetics and Cancer Miami, US
11/19/14 11/21/14 Danube Sci. Conf. Danube Epigenetics Conference Budapest, Hu
11/25/14 11/27/14 Hanson Wade EpiCongress London London, UK
12/3/14 12/5/14 MPI MPI Freiburg Epigenetics Meeting Freiburg, DE
1/25/15 1/30/15 Keystone Epigenetics and Cancer Keystone, US
2/15/15 2/18/15 CHI Epigenomics in Disease San Francisco, US
2/17/15 2/22/15 Keystone RNA Silencing in Plants Keystone, US
2/22/15 2/26/15 Keystone Neuroepigenetics Santa Fe, US
3/23/15 3/28/15 Keystone Transcriptional & Epigenetic Influences on Stem Cell States Steamboat Springs, US
3/29/15 4/3/15 Keystone DNA Methylation Keystone, US
3/29/15 4/3/15 Keystone Epigenomics Keystone, US
4/12/15 4/17/15 GRC Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Barga, IT