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EpiCypher develops and manufactures novel products and tools for epigenetics and chromatin biology research. Our team and founders include renowned chromatin researchers, whose expertise and unique insight into epigenetics and chromatin biology benefits our customers in ways that other companies cannot duplicate.

We are dedicated to advancing the field by delivering quality products that drive innovation, fostering our customers' success.

Pioneering the Science of Epigenetics™

Sam Tetlow

Sam Tetlow, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Sam has a strong track record as a catalyst for growth over the last 15 years in biotechnology and medical technology companies delivering returns in both management and investor roles. Prior to joining EpiCypher in 2013, Sam was with ILS, where he led organic growth in the commercial sectors and launched ILS Genomics, where he was General Manager of ILS Genomics, leading the Company from start through its first full year of operations. During this time, Sam was a lead director with Immunologix, a Medical University of South Carolina spinout that was launched, built and sold for a 10x return for investors within a 24-month period. Prior to that, Sam was a full time Partner with Research Triangle Ventures, where he led the full cycle of life science investing, which included primary responsibility for four companies, each of which achieved successful exits. Sam has a Bachelor’s of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (honors) and a MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School (honors).

Jim Bone

James Bone, PhD
President & COO

Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the UNC Chapel Hill and a PhD from Baylor College of Medicine. He was a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Sharon Dent’s lab at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and then later in the lab of Dr. C. David Allis at the University of Virginia Health Science Center. After leaving the Allis lab, Jim worked for Upstate Biotechnology (now part of EMD-Millipore) for six years, directing their efforts producing and selling products for chromatin biology and epigenetics research. After leaving Upstate, Jim was a founder of Lake Placid Biologicals, and worked later for Active Motif after their acquisition of the company.


Zu-wen Sun Zu-Wen Sun, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Sun joined EpiCypher after serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He received a PhD from the LSU Health Sciences Center. He performed his post-doctoral studies with Dr. Michael Hampsey at the UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and then later with Dr. C. David Allis at the University of Virginia Health Science Center. He is widely recognized for his pioneering work on understanding how histone ubiquitination affects chromatin structure and gene expression.


About our Scientific Founders

Mark Bedford

Mark Bedford, PhD
Dr. Bedford is a tenured Professor in the Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. He received a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and performed his postdoctoral studies with Dr. Philip Leder at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Bedford’s scientific body of work has focused on establishing the biological roles of arginine methylation. He is also widely recognized for his development of protein domain microarrays that are used to identify the binders of a variety of epigenetic marks.

Or Gozani Or Gozani, PhD
Dr. Gozani is an Associate Professor with tenure at Stanford University. Dr. Gozani received his B.A. at U.C. Berkeley and his MD and PhD degrees from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Gozani also did his post-doctoral training also Harvard Medical School in the lab of Dr. Junying Yuan. Dr. Gozani is widely regarded as a pioneer in understanding how chromatin-signaling networks regulate key physiologic and pathologic programs, publishing work in the highest impact journals (e.g. Nature). For his work in chromatin biology and epigenetics, Dr. Gozani has received numerous honors including a Kimmel Scholar Award, the highly prestigious Searle Scholar Award, and an Ellison Senior Scholar in Aging Award. Dr. Gozani has also received a Burroughs Wellcome Career Award in Biomedical Sciences and serves on the Cancer Epigenetics Scientific Advisory Board for GlaxoSmithKline.

Brian Strahl Brian Strahl, PhD
Dr. Strahl is an Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he has been an investigator for the past 10 years. Dr. Strahl performed his post-doctoral studies with Dr. C. David Allis at the University of Virginia, where he formally proposed the histone code hypothesis – a far-reaching idea to explain the function of histone modifications. Dr. Strahl has been the recipient of various prestigious awards for his work on histone modifications. He was the recipient of a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2003. Dr. Strahl also received the ASBMB-Schering-Plough Research Institute Award in 2005, and the EUREKA award from the NIH in 2007.

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